Quick User Guide

Please follow the below instructions:

1. Selecting PST File

Open Default PST file – PST scanner will open your MS Outlook default PST file.

Select PST File Manually – Browse and select your PST file manually for recovery.

Find All Your PST Files – If you do not know where your corrupt PST file is, please

select this option and let PST Scanner will find it for you.

2. Scan & Recovery Settings

A. Select Scan Method:

Normal Scan – Select if Outlook cannot open your PST file.

Smart Scan – Select if you had a hardware failure or Normal scan could not repair your PST file.

B. Select Recovery Destination Path

Please select a destination path that has enough disk space to store a new fresh copy of your recovered PST file.

3. Scanning your PST File

Please wait while PST Scanner is scanning your PST file. If normal scan fails to repair, please retry with smart scan.


4. Preview Content & Activation

After scanning you should be able to see the list of items recovered by PST Scanner.
You cannot see the mailbox item’s content or import to Outlook before you purchase a PST Scanner license. Click here to buy your license. After getting your license key, please click on Enter Key.


5. Activation

After purchasing you will get your license key. If your computer is connected to the Internet, please choose Online Activation.

6. Offline Activation

If your computer is not connected to the Internet you should select Offline Activation. Please select Offline Activation

and then select, "I need the unlock code". Unlock code is a unique computer key required in order to generate

your license key. Please send this code to support@pstrecovery.com and we will send back your license key.

7. Import PST File

Please follow these steps in case you cannot open Outlook

Option 1 – Change Outlook start-up settings: Click on Start button –> Go to control panel –> Mail –> Show profiles –> select Outlook from the box –> check the option “Always use this profile” –> make sure that from the drop down list Outlook is selected –> click Apply –> OK. Open Outlook and follow the steps described in 7.b.

Option 2- Replace the PST File manually: Even after doing the above steps, if the problem still persists then, Go to default location of the Outlook PST file i.e. C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook Copy and paste the newly repaired PST file to here ? rename the old PST file (i.e. Oultook.pst) to Outlook1.pst and rename the newly repaired PST file (i.e. recovered.pst) to Outlook.pst. Then cut and paste the old PST file (i.e. renamed to Outlook1.pst) to somewhere in your computer. Now you can launch the Outlook to send/receive emails.

Option 3 – Last Choice – Reinstall Outlook: if you face the same problem to open Outlook your Outlook might be corrupted. Please re-install the MS-Office package on your computer.

Please follow these steps in you can open Outlook

Importing PST file in to Outlook 2003/2007

1. Select “Open” under “File” menu in the top menu bar of your Outlook
2. Select the repaired PST file and click the “Open” button.
3. Now, just wait for the PST file(s) to be imported back into your
Outlook (depending on the size of the PST file and the speed of your
PC, this process may take 10 to 40 minutes).
4. Once import process is over Confirm that all folders, emails, contacts etc. are in the Folder List.


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